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Alipur Zoo


Kolkata is known for quite a few things starting from the populated city to the warmth of the people over here, and the various places of interest. One such interesting and highly popular place for weekend visits is the Kolkata zoo. With its 16 hectare of land and the lush greenery throughout, it is home to numerous animals and birds. And this is what attracts lakhs of people from in and out of Kolkata, and even India.


The Kolkata zoo was first opened to public in the year 1875 and has ever since been considered as the best place for weekend picnics. Alipore Zoological Garden as it is formally known is the oldest menagerie where lived the Giant Aldabra Tortoise Adwaita. This tortoise is said to have lived over 250 years. Various captive breeding projects have been established within the zoo like that of Brow-antlered Deer and the Panthera Hybrid breeding program and so on.


The zoo remains open every day other than Thursday (remains open even on Thursday during the vacations). The opening hour is 9 am and closes at 5 pm. The entrance fee is 30, which is quite low in comparison to other entertainment zones. In order to visit the aquarium, you will have to buy separate tickets costing 5.

There are various birds, mammals and reptiles in the zoo. Although, at present there arenít too many animals, you may still be enthralled to see the big cats, the deer, the zebras, the giraffes and more. You would also like the puny marmosets and various other such bizarre animals and birds or reptiles.