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Aquatica – The Water Park


Located near Nicco Park, at Kochpukur Aquatica is one of the most popular hangouts of the Kolkatans. It is a water theme park, where people go to enjoy their weekends. It was opened on the 22nd of July in 2000 on 8 acres of land. This is the most favorite spot for the visitors during the scorching summers.

The park has a capacity of 5,000 people and there is an artificial river which flows through the park. This water is recycled every hour so that it stays clean and clear. There are various rides and adventures like that of Tower No 1, Black Hole, and Tornado and so on. There’s the Rain Dance option too, and so it actually provides huge relief in the times of hot summer.

aquatica 2

You need not even fear drowning as the water in Aquatica is only five feet deep. It is considered that the artificially created waves are the best amongst all of the water theme parks which are in India. You can also enjoy your time surfing on the blue water, spin on the Mountain Rivers and enjoy river rafting.

The greatest thing of attraction is Aqua Wave Pool as the waves change from time to time. Then, there’s the Cyclone Pool which is commonly known as Tornado. Other than the Tornado which is known for its popularity, Aqua Dance too is highly popular because it is Kolkata’s only wet discotheque.

It is such a popular place that dandia and even fashion shows are held here frequently enough.