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Birla Planetarium - Entering The Dome of Knowledge


This building has aptly been stylized like that of the Buddhist Stupa at Sanchi. The reason is that if you enter this dome, this building you will get to know the details of the celestial structure. This planetarium is considered to be the largest in the world. However, it is the largest in India, Asia and is the second largest in the world.

It is officially known as The Birla Institute of Fundamental Research. It was established by well known M.P. Birla and is situated in the busiest place between Chowringhee and Theatre Road. It opened for the public on the 29th of September 1962. The cost of establishing it was too high costing to around two million Indian rupees. Although, this building is single storied, it has a capacity to hold almost 500 spectators.

The shows based on communication, science and the celestial matters are conducted every day from 12 pm to 7 pm, in different languages starting from English to Hindi and Bengali. It is a half an hour show and is going to cost you 40 per person. It is still considered to be one of the main attractions by people living in Kolkata and people traveling from all around the world.

However, this too cannot be denied that the quality of the pictures or the slides needs to be improved more, as the times have advanced and people’s expectations have increased a lot too.