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Fun and Frolic at The Nicco Park


Nicco Park is the first ever complete amusement park of Kolkata! It was first opened to the public way back in 1993, on the 13th of October. Itís aptly referred to as the Disneyland of West Bengal, aso known as Jheel Meel, which has been created over 40 acres of land. There are numerous attractions on offer here, and many more are being added from time to time and that is the reason why this amusement park is still popular with the crowd.


There are numerous rides and attractions on offer within the park. However, it isnít simply about having fun there. Each and every ride has an educational display at its front or side, explaining the scientific principles based on which the rides are running. Then, thereís also the Solar Energy Village in the park which has been set up in order to exhibit as to how the non-conventional energies work and help us lead a rational life. This project is in line with keeping our environment green.

It stays open on all days from 11 am to 9 pm in the Summers and 11 am to 8 pm in the Winters. The entry fee is 250 for the Dry Package and 350 for the Composite Park package. Thereís on an approximation 35 rides and you can buy various packages available if you want to enjoy all of the rides or only some of the rides. Thereís also a beautiful rose garden and an affordable Food Park situated within the park premises.